Why choose GELCS?

GELCS is an English degree that breaks free from the constraints of period and geography, studying English in a global context as a global language.

GELCS teaches you to read across cultures so you can speak to the world.

What the student will get?

  • Understand global cultural trends
  • Think about the future of English
  • Digital Humanities
  • Digital literacy
  • Innovative approaches to literature and culture
  • Understand 21st Century Critical Issues

What the community will get?

  • Green-minded graduates
  • Global perspectives and diversity
  • Digitally literate graduates
  • Innovative solutions to human crises/social problems/cultural issues

What the world will get?

  • Graduates who can communicate about the environment and climate change
  • Graduate who understand technology and culture
  • Solutions for how to communicate to people about important issues


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